АМА session went great!🔥

Today we held an AMA session with over 100 active participants! It was a very intense conference which lasted an hour and a half.

We discussed the following questions:
🔹DSCPL LP-reward program
🔹announced a new lottery among holders
🔹discussed the soon launch of new applications on top of the DISCIPLINA Blockchain
🔹announced the development of a mobile app DISCIPLINA

After the founder, Ilya Nikiforov, spoke, we answered our community's questions on the project.

The AMA session brought us not only a positive experience of interaction with the community but also DSCPL-USDT rate growth up to + 50%! And this is amidst BTC downward volatility and a bear market.💪

❗If you did not manage to join the session and ask us questions, it's okay. Write to us in the Telegram chat, and you will receive the answers to all your questions!