⚡️АМА session with APYSwap was recorded!

You were late or did not manage to connect to? That’s not an issue!

🚀We recorded our AMA, which took place today, on Wednesday, September 15, 11 AМ (GMT+3). These points are highlited during the AMA with our partner APYSwap:

🔹APYS/DSCPL LP-reward program, that has started on the first epoch and will last 14 days. The prize fund is 10 000 USDT! Join in the program, click the link: https://farming2.disciplina.io

🔹We consider strategic the partnership of DISCIPLINA and APYSwap, because of equally acceptable development interests.

🔹The questions were answered, but it doesn’t mean we won’t answer you subsequently.

Also you can view the video-record of our AMA and to know how the foundrers of DSCPL and APYSwap look like — https://youtu.be/rOfrshQmmjs