⭐️5 Ways to Get Organized for Online Classes⭐️

Thanks to online classes, we now have the flexibility to study whenever and wherever we are. But how do we get focused outside a classroom? Check out our tips!

1. Create an Effective Study Space

Recreate a classroom! If a potential study space is already associated with activities such as eating or watching TV, you just won’t feel the vibes. Select an area which will become associated with learning & store all your study supplies there.

2. Make Sure You Are Comfortable

Both your study table and chair should allow good posture. Yes, you should avoid studying in bed with a laptop!

3. Organize Your Files & Online Activities

Whether you are a computer-only or hard copy fan, make sure you get your documents, bookmarks and study aids organized.

4. Schedule Your Time

Consider adopting an online or an offline calendar with appropriate reminders as to your syllabus & assignments.

5. Establish a Routine

Make a study schedule for each course & keep at it!



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