⭕️Official token addresses with links⭕️

Oct 14, 2021


DSCPL is our platforms token, a single payment method within the system.

By buying LP tokens, you get the opportunity to participate in the LP reward program.

🔺The address of the smart contract of the token: 0xdece0f6864c1511369ae2c30b90db9f5fe92832c

It will come in handy if you want to buy a token on the exchange and dont find it on the list. So you can add the token to the wallet for display.

💖DSCPL token is available on the Pancakeswap exchange:


🔺You can also receive LP-tokens on Pancakeswap if you add liquidity to the DSCPL-USDT pool using this link:


Purchase DSCPL to participate in the LP program. The end of an epoch is coming soon, follow our news!🚀




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