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🔷A new epoch of the LP reward program

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🔷Market research: new overview of 2021

🔷Crypto and DeFi tendencies for 2022

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Friends! We recall that another epoch of the LP program is in full swing, so you can still join it and make money.

💰The prize fund is 10000 USDT.💰

The program will last until December 10. The earlier you join, the more rewards you will receive!

💎Follow the link to participate:

💎This tutorial explains how to participate in the program:

We answer FAQ

💜Can I still join the LP program?

Yes, you can. Click the link if you want to participate:

Right there, you will find the guide on how to participate.

💜How can I use the DISCIPLINA platform in my project?

Right now DISCIPLINA is aimed to verify educational data. If you represent an educational institution, our platform will best suit your needs. We plan to largely expand the functionality of our platform in the future, so wait for groundbreaking news from our team.

💜Do you plan to partner with new exchanges?

Wait for official news from our team.

💜What is the DISCIPLINA team up to?

The DISCIPLINA team is currently working on the platform development. We are preparing for a completely new stage of the platform’s development, and we will inform about it soon.

If you have questions, comment on this post!🚀

Friends! Autumn is over, so we are here to report about the main events and updates in the DISCIPLINA project we carried out this November.

💥A new epoch of the LP-reward program

We launched another epoch of the LP program for our community.

The rules are the same as before…

Let’s check up on our community growth statistics as of the end of the month.

🔺Telegram-chat: 10011
🔺Telegram-chanel: 31588
🔺Facebook: 7407
🔺Twitter: 4762
🔺Instagram: 1693

Thanks for staying with us! Much more interesting is yet to come, stay tuned.

🔵All-in-one: check the links to understand how DISCIPLINA works

🔷Whitepaper describes the work and structure of the platform in-depth:

🔷DISCIPLINA unique technology:

🔷DISCIPLINA features:

🔷Tokenomics insights:

🔷Official token addresses with links:

The DeFi market’s TVL is $107,24 billion. The market shows tremendous growth compared to a previous couple of years, and this trend will continue.💰💸

Platforms offering yield farming Aave, Compound, Uniswap, and others have been the top sites in terms of volume and popularity lately.

📈Among blockchains, Ethereum is still at the top, despite the low transaction speed and high fees. However, new players are breaking into the market, and many projects are built on Polygon, HECO, Polkadot blockchains. That means the share of projects on Ethereum may decrease shortly.

As for investing, analysts recommend diversifying your portfolios and paying attention to altcoins, which surpass Bitcoin in capitalization.

We believe that education and recruiting should move to blockchain, and more projects will switch to blockchain in the near future.💥

Everything you wanted to know about DISCIPLINA in a few links.

🔷Whitepaper describes the work and structure of the platform in-depth:

Here are some articles in our Medium, telling about the features of the platform in-depth:

🔷DISCIPLINA unique technology:

🔷DISCIPLINA features:

🔷Tokenomics insights:

🔷Official token addresses with links:

🔷Why we tokenize:

🔷Welcome to the DISCIPLINA application:

🔷Keep in touch with us:

Stay tuned!

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DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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