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DISCIPLINA: updated protocol architecture

While developing the custom private chain we faced the huge set of business problems. Some of them are:

🔷Adoption of the customised solutions.

🔷Community and userbase development.

🔷Operational issues like integration with wallets and exchanges.

However, while we were working on the…

🔥🔥Benefits for our partners in 2022🔥🔥

DISCIPLINA is always striving for new partnerships and integrations.

We have big plans to change the platform’s and community’ structure in 2022🚀

This year we plan to launch the Metaverse University, which will become one of the first platforms offering such a concept of…

🌀Development pace🌀

We have moved from a custom blockchain to a public one, so many technical issues will be solved much faster than before.

💙The public network simplifies the work process and facilitates the faster implementation of our developments.

From now on, the work of the platform will be more convenient, safe, user-friendly, and much quicker.

🔷Take a look at our technical plans:


Indeed, we got a lot of plans, but we are sure we will cope with everything. Stay tuned for our regular announcements on the project’s development.💥

🔝DISCIPLINA: updated protocol architecture🔝

Dear community! We keep posting about technical updates we are implementing according to our plan.

While developing the custom private chain we faced the huge set of business problems. Some of them are:

🔷Adoption of the customised solutions.

🔷Community and userbase development.

🔷Operational issues like integration…

🔵Online education is inevitable

Almost all educational institutions have implemented an online form of education, which forces them to integrate automated control systems, provide secure data storage, and make communication between teachers and students as comfortable as possible.

🔵Education is not only for juniors

More and more courses are emerging…

We used to believe that quality education and employment are impossible without blockchain. And we still think so.

🤝📘But the world is changing, bringing new opportunities, and now we can see that the concept of the Metaverse can revive education.

Traditions fall by the wayside as new advanced tools advent. Using virtual reality allows to receive education even being away from your teacher.

🔥This niche is up-and-coming, both for the development and scaling of DISCIPLINA and the development of the industry and the market as a whole.

The world goes digital. It’s not surprising anymore to pay for goods or services with cryptocurrencies. Metaverse will be a kind of bridge between the real and virtual world, the world of education and the world of technology, bringing benefits to its participants.

A new stage of the education revolution got started!🚀

Friends, Happy New Year!

🎅Wrapping up this year of 2021, we can say it has brought many changes, claimed new trends, and set the direction for further market development.

We are thrilled and awaiting the innovations that will blow the market and our project in the coming 2022.

That’s going to be a new fascinating world with no boundaries.🌍

May we all have plenty of interesting and profitable projects to invest in and interact with in the coming 2022.

Thank you all, guys, for staying with us! A lot more exciting and groundbreaking is coming, but we’ll talk about it next year!❄

Dear community!

💥At last, we are ready to share our nearest plans for 2022.

We have been working hard to make up this plan and really hope for your support!

🚀Preliminaries and goals of DISCIPLINA technical development


  • Current Disciplina custom public chain has issues with reliability and does not provide any significant technical or marketing advantages…


DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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