🔥AMA session: key points🔥

2 min readSep 17, 2021

⚡️АМА session with APYSwap which took place on Wednesday, September 15, 11 AМ (GMT+3). These points are highlighted during the AMA with APYSwap:

Andrey and Ilya talk about opportunities of mutual partnership, they want to spread more information for community members about their partnership and reward programs.

💎They describes theirs projects briefly:

🟢DISCIPLINA is the first blockchain created for educational needs. DISCIPLINA makes for different educational and social network services which can use its public APY to be part of the biggest ecosystem with verified credentials. Moreover, DISCIPLINA has its own blockchain, not a fork of some other blockchains. Also, the first application is already running, and it’s possible for educational institutions to create verified diplomas and certificates.

🔵APYSwap is mostly focused on cross-chain solutions like episode foundation, and its particular flagman product is a bridge that connects many different blockchains together.

💫Why disciplina need an APYSwap solution? We want to give our users the possibility of transferring their assets from one chain to another because all other blockchains have their extra functions. Also, DISCIPLINA is planning to cooperate with Cordana blockchain and its cooperation will bring a lot of benefits, so APYSwap solution will be very useful for sure.

Initially, DISCIPLINA launched a reward program with the purpose of rewarding the members of its community. However, the DISCIPLINA team got such massive community feedback that they came up with the decision to carry out a joint program with a partner.

📍To participate in the APYS/DSCPL program, you should purchase APYS and DSCPL tokens. They are available on the Pancakeswap exchange and others.

📍Then you should add liquidity on Pancakeswap, for what you will receive special LP tokens, which you should stake on the site of the APYS/DSCPL program.

🔥That’s it! After a certain period (so-called epoch), rewards in USDT will be accrued to your account, and you may feel free to withdraw them. If you wish, you can leave the program, or you may continue to participate and move on to the next epochs.

The statistics of rewards from the previous program shows — the earlier you join the program, the bigger reward you receive.

We expect that this partnership will help us share communities and attract new followers, and, of course, reward active members of our communities!🤝

Useful links:

🔹The website for participation: https://farming2.disciplina.io/

🔹A guide on how to participate: https://www.disciplina.io/index-rus.html

🔹The full version of the АМА session: https://youtu.be/rOfrshQmmjs




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