🚨🚨APYS/DSCPL LP-reward program is getting started!🚨🚨

Dear community! The first epoch of our LP program, together with APYSwap, is starting today!

📅💰The epoch will last 14 days, and the prize fund is 10 000 USDT.
To participate in the program, you should have DSCPL and APYS tokens.

🔹To join in the program, click the link: https://farming2.disciplina.io

Here is a guide on how to participate in the program: https://dscpl.medium.com/this-tutorial-explains-how-to-participate-in-the-apys-dscpl-lp-reward-program-and-how-to-get-usdt-581956417f4c

Feel free to write in our official chat if you have any questions: