Benefits of online education and recruiting 🔥

Thanks to DISCIPLINA, online education and hiring becomes more efficient.

🔹 Flexible schedule. As a rule, students choose a convenient time for studying.
🔹️ Free access. Students only need the Internet connection and a laptop or tablet, nothing else to join the lesson. The student can be anywhere in the world, travel, or just be at home. One does not have to be at a specific place on the map to join the lesson and study.
🔹 Saving time, money and other resources. Students don`t waste time and energy on the road.
🔹 Quality. Online education provides more opportunities to choose teachers and educational institution according to students’ preferences.
🔹 Specialization. The student has a certain milestone by completion of which he will increase his chances to get the job in a drean organization.

The main advantage of online education is that students are more likely to get the desired job because online education could be more personalized than offline educational institutions📚.

Online education is closer to reality and the relevant requirements of employers. It adjusts to changes in the environment and employers' demands more quickly than traditional institutions.

DISCIPLINA helps to find a qualified private teacher and educational institution according to their rates and other criteria. There is also an opportunity for students to analyze employers' requests and create academic and professional achievements to get the desired job in a company.

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