📢Briefly about the main news this week

🔴A new format of communication with DSCPL — channel and private chat!

We announce the coming shift to the channel with open comments!

Link on the channel: https://t.me/disciplinachain

Also, we will open a separate private invitation chat shortly that will imply paid membership in DSCPL tokens. This chat will inform about drops, closed offers, exciting activities!

🔴How Disciplina establishes your safety

🛡We provide the security of your data and funds in many different ways.

🛡Rock’n’Block, Quantstamp, CryptoSec have audited our smart contracts.

🛡We also cooperate with Lumi, one of the most secure non-custodial wallets we recommend for DSCPL tokens storage, and HAPI, which provides cybersecurity and protects against cyberattacks.

🛡To make sure that you don`t become victims of scammers, we track fake accounts and tokens and regularly share the latest official resources.

🔴Why is it time to use DISCIPLINA

The world won’t be the same — blockchain and online education have entered our lives firmly and utterly.

📗We promote the idea of continuous learning and offer solutions for both beginners and experienced professionals who want to improve their skills.

You should not limit yourself to the boundaries of your city. You got a whole world in front of you, opening its enormous opportunities and offers.

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