🔝Bybit Launches Year-Long Crypto Course🔝

The Bybit crypto exchange has announced the launch of a fresh education initiative: “Bybit Trader of 2024”. To last a total of one year, it is focused on educating crypto traders and helping them enhance their skills.

📕The initiative will offer an extensive array of educational resources in multiple languages: AMA series, insightful webinars, industry reports, and tutorial sessions focusing on various trading tools such as Copy Trading, TradeGPT, Liquidity Mining, and many others.

Additionally, Bybit will provide comprehensive insights about its products, including the VIP Program, Fiat System, P2P etc., as well as organize a series of events for participants throughout the year. Each month, the initiative will feature a trading competition enabling those interested to showcase their skills and strategies.

Not too shabby! Here’s to crypto education being the new black! disciplina.io♥️




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