Dear all DISCIPLINA participants,

We are happy to say that DISCIPLINA project had an outstanding success during our IDO on the Poolz platform. We wish to thank all the participants and those who supported us during all our way.

Moreover, we are also glad to announce that our DSCPL token was listed on the Uniswap!

UNISWAP DSCPL trading link

We do welcome all the holders who took part in the IDO and all of those who still wish to become DISCIPLINA early adopter.

Holding DSCPL tokens gives a wide range of both technical and user benefits like the opportunity to get a bigger stake and become a network validator on more favorable terms. Moreover, it gives a chance to become one of the first DISCIPLINA Mainnet network users! We welcome all the early-stage users.

Check our token trades at the UNISWAP:

NB! Beware of SCAM and token clones.

DSCPL ERC-20 official contract address

DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.