Dear DISCIPLINA community,
As we announced, DISCIPLINA launched the first epoch of DSCPL LP-reward program.

The reward fund for the first epoch is 10 000 USDT!

All DSCPL LP-token holders are welcome to take part in our program🔥

To start participating, visit the page and stake your DSCPL LP-tokens.
All the rewards from our USDT fund would be automatically distributed after each 14-days epoch among all the participants proportionally to their stake sizes and time they spent participating in the program.
Here is a distribution example:

Let’s assume that Paul, John and Ann are the only stakers and they simultaneously staked their tokens to the program at the epoch beginning. In the 14 days, after the epoch end, they would get their reward.
Paul: deposited 1000 USDT, 130 000 DSCPL and got 9000 LP-tokens.
John: deposited 500 USDT, 65000 DSCPL and got 4500 LP-tokens.
Ann: deposited 1500 USDT, 195000 DSCPL and got 13500 LP-tokens.
Paul gets 33,3%, John gets 16,7%, Ann gets 50% of the share.
The reward fund is 10 000 USDT.
As a result, after the end of the epoch, Paul would receive 3333 USDT, John would get 1667 USDT, Ann would get 5000 USDT.
If Paul, John and Ann would stake their LP-tokens not simultaneously, their share would be also weighted proportionally to the time they spent in the program.

To get more details on the reward distribution, please, check the yellow paper attached to the article:

DISCIPLINA team also prepared a detailed tutorial on how to participate in the program. That tutorial shows how to get DSCPL LP-tokens, make a deposit and claim the reward. The tutorial is available in our Medium by the link:

🔹Useful links:
1. Get DSCPL tokens here:
- Pancakeswap:
- Xtheta Global: ;
2. Get LP-tokens, adding liquidity to PancakeSwap pool here: ;
3. Stake your LP-tokens on the program webpage
4. Tutorial:

Wish you all good rewards!!⚡️

Beware of scam! The LP-program is available only on the official DISCIPLINA website.



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