How to swap your old ERC-20 DSCP tokens to improved BEP-20 DSCPL token

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How to swap your old ERC-20 DSCP tokens to improved BEP-20 DSCPL token.
如何将旧的ERC-20 DSCP代币交换为新的BEP-20 DSCPL代币。

This guide is available to read in English and Chinese languages.

To swap your old ERC-20 DSCP tokens to improved BEP-20 DSCPL token you have to follow these steps.

If you don't have MetaMask installed, you can download it from the official website:

若要将旧的ERC-20 DSCP代币交换为新的BEP-20 DSCPL代币,您务必遵循以下步骤。


Go to the and connect MetaMask holding your ERC-20 DSCP tokens.

转到 并连接持有您的ERC-20 DSCP代币的MetaMask。

2. Now you should use Ethereum Main Network:


3. Enter the amount of DSCP tokens that you want to swap. On that step, you could choose your swap bonus that will effect the lock period.

Now click on Approve button, to delegate your tokens to the gate smart-contract.

4.After the click on “2. Approve”, MetaMask would ask you to confirm the transaction. Please check the amount of the gas fee to set the convenient confirmation time for your transaction.

单击“ 2. 批准”,MetaMask将要求您确认交易。请检查矿工费金额以设置方便的交易确认时间。

5.After the confirmation, pending transaction will be indicated in the MetaMask queue. Confirmation time depends on the amount of gas fee you applied.


6. After your transaction got confirmed, you would be noticed by Metamask app and the Swap button would turn active-green. Now the next step is available and you can press the “3. Swap” button.

交易确认后,Metamask应用程序将给您发出通知,并且“交换”按钮将变为活动绿色。现在可以进行下一步操作了,您可以点击“ 3. 交换”按钮。

7. Now MetaMask asks to confirm the next transaction that would perform the needed action – token swap.


8. Wait until the transaction will be confirmed. You would get notified by the MetaMask.


9. Right after the confirmation notification would be received, please go to the “4. Withdraw” tab.

收到确认通知后,请立即转到“ 4. 提取”标签。

10. Now you have to change the network of your Metamask from Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain. If you do not have the BSC support in your MetaMask, go to the official Binance manual to setup the BSC network to MetaMask.


11. After the network switch, you will see your new DSCPL tokens on the BSC network.


12. To withdraw your BSC tokens click the green button ‘claim’. This action assumes one more transaction to interact with the BSC smart contract. You also would need to apply the BSC gas fee valued in BNB.

Please note:

You can make so many swaps as you wish. Each swap stake could be locked for any time and will be unlocked separately. When the stake would be ready to withdraw, the Claim button would become green.


Every transaction on the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain networks requires gas fees. You should have enough ETH and BNB on your address to cover that fee.


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