šŸ“ƒDisciplina 2022 roadmapšŸ“ƒ

Dear community!

šŸ’„At last, we are ready to share our nearest plans for 2022.

We have been working hard to make up this plan and really hope for your support!

šŸš€Preliminaries and goals of DISCIPLINA technical development

  • Current Disciplina custom public chain has issues with reliability and does not provide any significant technical or marketing advantages over usage of the existing public chains with smart contracts.
  • Given the poor current state of Cardano tooling and documentation, it is hard to predict when and how we would be able to deploy a working public chain infrastructure for Disciplina there.

šŸ”·Our technical goals are:

  • Transfer the existing submitting/validating Disciplina infrastructure from the custom public chain to the established public chain(s) to enable the utility of the traded DSCPL tokens;
  • Abstract the off-chain functionality (of submitting and validating proofs) from the particular blockchain platform to be able to first launch Disciplina on the established smart contract platform (ETH/BSC) first and extend to Cardano later;
  • Repurpose the existing Disciplina infrastructure to a new vision for Disciplina (aiming at lots of small educators);

šŸ”µProposed architecture scheme for Disciplina platform for Q1/Q2

šŸ’ŽDevelopment plan

  • Refactoring/redesign of Multi-Educator app for small educator purposes
  • Enabling a simplified Educator registration process
  • Redesigning the FairCV PDF templates
  • Providing the ability to choose public chain backend in the interface
  • Updating Validator app for multi-chain purposes
  • Providing the ability to choose public chain backend
  • Development of the unified HTTP Backend proxy for Disciplina Validator and Multi-Educator
  • API specification development
  • Server application development and deployment
  • Test integration with the existing Disciplina public chain (for testing and legacy preserving purposes)
  • Integrating the Validator and Multi-Educator with the unified HTTP Proxy
  • Decoupling of existing private chain code from public chain code
  • Redirecting the interaction with Disciplina Witness nodes towards interaction with unified HTTP proxy
  • Development of contracts and off-chain contract backends for ETH/BSC
  • On-chain Solidity contract: same for ETH/BSC
  • Small web services with an ability to interact with ETH/BSC chains: using standard technologies (e.g. NodeJS + web3 library)
  • Connecting the unified HTTP Proxy towards to ETH/BSC contract web services
  • Integrating the Plutus Application Backend via the mockchain to facilitate further Cardano integration when tooling/docs become better
  • Connecting the unified HTTP Proxy with PAB
  • The infrastructure should work with PAB mockchain in the same way as currently works with Disciplina public chain from the standpoint of the user of Validator and Multi-Educator.
  • Testing of the new infrastructure and contracts on the testnets (ETH/BSC, Cardano ā€” if possible)

šŸ”·Phase 2 (Mainnet integration and repurposing) (March 2022ā€“June 2022)

  • Integration of the Multi-Educator application with the Metamask wallet (for ETH/BSC chains) ā€” enabling the small Educators to submit blocks from their own addresses.
  • No reward tokens at the early stage: simply the ability to publish blocks at their own gas
  • Deployment of Disciplina contracts to ETH/BSC mainnets
  • Integration of PAB with Cardano testnet/mainnet (depending on tooling availability)
  • Research on Disciplina reward token mechanics and its costs on ETH/BSC/Cardano chain
  • Research on the integration of the Multi-Educator with Nami (Cardano web3 wallet)

šŸ’ŽDISCIPLINA: general roadmap and development directions

  • Launch of the token burn program.
  • DISCIPLINA: University in Metaverse.
  • Tokenomics update proposal. Introduction of the reward token for students and teachers. Description of the reward mechanics based on skills and achievements.
  • New community reward program.


  • Disciplina Metaverse University program release.
  • Educator App public release.
  • Purchase of the land in some Metaverse for the first Disciplina Meta University.
  • Start of the educatorā€™s reward fund. Disciplina will start a special reward fund for educators using the Disciplina certification App.
  • Release of the Disciplina governance token program for Disciplina Meta Universities.
  • New DSCPL staking program.
  • DSCPL Cardano <-> DSCPL BSC <-> DSCPL ETH bridge launch.
  • New farming program for the Bridge liquidity providers.


  • Launch of the first Disciplina Meta University Beta.
  • Diplomas and achievements stored in NFT. Student App release.
  • Educator APP v2.0 release.
  • Business development: cooperation with universities and educational platforms to provide more high-quality courses.
  • Development of a unified NFT-based format of diplomas and certificate storage.
  • Development of DISCIPLINA sandbox and API to integrate it with universities and online educational platforms.
  • Cardano bridge launch.

šŸ¤DISCIPLINA CEO Ilya Nikiforov and the projectā€™s tech lead Dmitry Mukhutdinov have also published the video presenting the roadmap and explaining all the details.

šŸ“Please check the presentation here: DISCIPLINA 2022 Roadmap presentation ā€” YouTube

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them under this post.



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