📃Disciplina 2022 roadmap📃

🚀Preliminaries and goals of DISCIPLINA technical development


  • Current Disciplina custom public chain has issues with reliability and does not provide any significant technical or marketing advantages over usage of the existing public chains with smart contracts.
  • Given the poor current state of Cardano tooling and documentation, it is hard to predict when and how we would be able to deploy a working public chain infrastructure for Disciplina there.
  • Transfer the existing submitting/validating Disciplina infrastructure from the custom public chain to the established public chain(s) to enable the utility of the traded DSCPL tokens;
  • Abstract the off-chain functionality (of submitting and validating proofs) from the particular blockchain platform to be able to first launch Disciplina on the established smart contract platform (ETH/BSC) first and extend to Cardano later;
  • Repurpose the existing Disciplina infrastructure to a new vision for Disciplina (aiming at lots of small educators);

🔵Proposed architecture scheme for Disciplina platform for Q1/Q2

💎Development plan

🔷Phase 1 (Disciplina backend transformation) (now — March 2022)

  • Refactoring/redesign of Multi-Educator app for small educator purposes
  • Enabling a simplified Educator registration process
  • Redesigning the FairCV PDF templates
  • Providing the ability to choose public chain backend in the interface
  • Updating Validator app for multi-chain purposes
  • Providing the ability to choose public chain backend
  • Development of the unified HTTP Backend proxy for Disciplina Validator and Multi-Educator
  • API specification development
  • Server application development and deployment
  • Test integration with the existing Disciplina public chain (for testing and legacy preserving purposes)
  • Integrating the Validator and Multi-Educator with the unified HTTP Proxy
  • Decoupling of existing private chain code from public chain code
  • Redirecting the interaction with Disciplina Witness nodes towards interaction with unified HTTP proxy
  • Development of contracts and off-chain contract backends for ETH/BSC
  • On-chain Solidity contract: same for ETH/BSC
  • Small web services with an ability to interact with ETH/BSC chains: using standard technologies (e.g. NodeJS + web3 library)
  • Connecting the unified HTTP Proxy towards to ETH/BSC contract web services
  • Integrating the Plutus Application Backend via the mockchain to facilitate further Cardano integration when tooling/docs become better
  • Connecting the unified HTTP Proxy with PAB
  • The infrastructure should work with PAB mockchain in the same way as currently works with Disciplina public chain from the standpoint of the user of Validator and Multi-Educator.
  • Testing of the new infrastructure and contracts on the testnets (ETH/BSC, Cardano — if possible)
  • Integration of the Multi-Educator application with the Metamask wallet (for ETH/BSC chains) — enabling the small Educators to submit blocks from their own addresses.
  • No reward tokens at the early stage: simply the ability to publish blocks at their own gas
  • Deployment of Disciplina contracts to ETH/BSC mainnets
  • Integration of PAB with Cardano testnet/mainnet (depending on tooling availability)
  • Research on Disciplina reward token mechanics and its costs on ETH/BSC/Cardano chain
  • Research on the integration of the Multi-Educator with Nami (Cardano web3 wallet)

💎DISCIPLINA: general roadmap and development directions


  • Launch of the token burn program.
  • DISCIPLINA: University in Metaverse.
  • Tokenomics update proposal. Introduction of the reward token for students and teachers. Description of the reward mechanics based on skills and achievements.
  • New community reward program.
  • Disciplina Metaverse University program release.
  • Educator App public release.
  • Purchase of the land in some Metaverse for the first Disciplina Meta University.
  • Start of the educator’s reward fund. Disciplina will start a special reward fund for educators using the Disciplina certification App.
  • Release of the Disciplina governance token program for Disciplina Meta Universities.
  • New DSCPL staking program.
  • DSCPL Cardano <-> DSCPL BSC <-> DSCPL ETH bridge launch.
  • New farming program for the Bridge liquidity providers.
  • Launch of the first Disciplina Meta University Beta.
  • Diplomas and achievements stored in NFT. Student App release.
  • Educator APP v2.0 release.
  • Business development: cooperation with universities and educational platforms to provide more high-quality courses.
  • Development of a unified NFT-based format of diplomas and certificate storage.
  • Development of DISCIPLINA sandbox and API to integrate it with universities and online educational platforms.
  • Cardano bridge launch.



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