DISCIPLINA Alpha description

Recently we launched the Alpha-version of DISCIPLINA platform🚀
The Alpha-version is not full-fledged yet, but it is pretty functional and demonstrates the logics behind the system.
What are the features of the current Alpha-version?

DISCIPLINA Block Explorer shows how nodes pack transactions into blocks and issue them synchronously. Users can monitor the network and track all activities in real-time. Follow the link to check the application.

Users can generate a test wallet and claim test DSCPL tokens through this application. These tokens are used only in the test version of the blockchain They are for free and would not be valid on MainNet. Follow the link, create your wallet, claim test coins and track the transaction in the block explorer!

DISCIPLINA wallet with a graphical interface for usual and professional users. It allows managing funds, wallets, and conducting transactions efficiently. Import the wallet generated in Faucet to Ariadne, claim coins and make your first DISCIPLINA transaction!

Student app
It is an application for students to view their learning history, achievements, and download verified CV. The app unites students on the DISCIPLINA blockchain. We will notify the community about the launch of the application later.

Educator app
It is an application for educational institutions and teachers, which stores information about courses and curriculum, students, academic achievements, and graduates. The application unites educational institutions and teachers on the DISCIPLINA blockchain. We will notify the community about the launch of the application later.

We call on you to test the current applications. Thus, you will help us develop the platform and improve its performance. We will announce the launch of other testnet applications in our social networks - 👍subscribe to us!

DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.