DISCIPLINA: April Partnership list and Highlights

4 min readApr 22, 2021


This week, on our social networks, we talked about our new partners and the benefits this cooperation brings to the DISCIPLINA platform and its users.

Our team is delighted to collaborate with companies that deliver cutting-edge solutions and best industrial practices to DeFi, as it helps us to make our product safer, more convenient, and even more fascinating.

We are glad to tell you more about each of our partners: 
(1) Rock’n’Block, 
(2) APYSwap, 
(3) Lumi, 
(4) HAPI.


Rock’n’Block company focuses on custom development and implementation of Blockchain-based solutions for businesses and start-ups.

The Rock’n’Block company is managed by high-qualified team of specialists and engineers, that had delivered the following tasks:

Developed a popular Smart Contract Platform “MyWish”;

Developed solutions and a testnet infrastructure for Neo Blockchain;

Implemented more than 100 mobile apps and web services for big companies, such as Disney, Megafon, Melon Fashion Group, Transparent House;

Assisted in the development of more than 100 Blockchain-based projects.

Partnership with Rock’n’Block provides DISCIPLINA with the reliability and security of smart contracts’ deployment, as well as with auxiliary expertise in making the industrial level technical and architectural decisions.

More about Rock’n’Block: https://rocknblock.io/


APYSwap is a protocol for the decentralized exchange of shares of Tokenized Vaults. By the usage of a Layer 2 blockchain, it allows exchanging tokenized assets from multiple Layer 1 blockchains, such as Ethereum, Polkadot, HECO, and Binance Smart Chain. It permits DeFi portfolio holders to create any combination of LP, YF, and other assets, making it possible to divide them and transfer them freely.

APYSwap enables the trading of assets that remain locked by staking, lending, and pooling, by transferring Vault token shares to other users. It provides greater liquidity for initially illiquid assets. Vault users reserve all the rewards that require locking of assets.

Partnership with APYSwap is going to help DISCIPLINA to develop crosschain solutions, gateways, and smart contracts.

Together with APYSwap, our developers are modernizing our platform’s protocol for crosschain operations. Originally, DISCIPLINA was built on Cardano algorithms. However, A lot of brand-new and efficient solutions have appeared recently. And we want to use them for the development of the platform. 
The crosschain implementation makes DISCIPLINA versatile and even more convenient for users and transactions.

More about APYSwap: https://apyswap.com/


Lumi is one of the most secure, trusted, and convenient non-custodial crypto-wallets on the market. Lumi allows users to create addresses and keep their private keys on their devices without relocating them externally.

The wallet keeps a user's digital privacy. No registration and personal information are required.

Lumi is an open-source project. Thus further demonstrating the reliability of the solution.

Users can make cryptocurrency transactions within the secured Lumi wallet, as Lumi provides a fixed exchange rate, constant user support, transactions within 15 minutes, and reduced fees. Moreover, Lumi allows users to buy cryptocurrencies with their bank cards and Apple Pay.

We at DISCIPLINA recommend Lumi as a trusted non-custodial solution for keeping DSCPL tokens. DCSPL are going to appear in the Lumi wallet app soon.

Lumi wallet app is available via the following link [AppStore/Google Play]

More information about Lumi wallet: 


HAPI is an onchain cybersecurity protocol with oracles preventing hacker attacks.

HAPI makes sure that:

Centralized exchanges protected from accepting stolen funds;

Decentralized exchanged cut back on suspicious addresses;

Crypto traders are warned about high-risk coins.

Advantages of HAPI:

Crosschain that suits the most popular Blockchains;

Real-time publicly available info from data providers elected by DAO;

Oraclizing and DAO system creates a revolutionary SaaS for DeFi environment;

New security standard for all Blockchain industry players.

The HAPI solution operates based on machine learning, oracles, and DAO.
The purpose of a decentralized system is to ensure the security of contracts, protocols, and users.

We want to be confident about the security of our users and the safety of their data and funds. Our partnership with HAPI will help us to achieve that goal. DISCIPLINA will be able to use a trusted partner's oracle for working with external data.

With HAPI, the DISCIPLINA platform will become even more secure and attractive – join a revolutionary project in education and recruitment.

More about HAPI: https://www.hapi.one/

DISCIPLINA is a secure, reliable, and user-friendly platform for recruitment and education. We made it convenient and easy to store and transfer tokens, protected our system from hacker attacks, and provided the trustworthiness of deployed smart contracts. And the development of the platform presses ahead. Follow us on social media to track the updates and development of DISCIPLINA.




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