🚨🚨🚨DISCIPLINA Foundation locks its tokens🚨🚨🚨

2 min readJun 18, 2021

Before the kick-off of BHEX and xTheta trades, DISCIPLINA Foundation decided to increase the community trust by locking its own DSCPL tokens.

For that, the DISCIPLINA team used a standard OpenZeppelin timelock contract that prevents token circulation. DISCIPLINA Foundation has sent to that contract all the tokens of project founders, tokens of the team, and tokens that form the funds for the future development of our project.

By that, our team shows that we have no doubts about the viability of the DISCIPLINA project. Moreover, it indicates that our plans are established and long-term, giving one more reason to our users to be confident in the project.

The total number of locked tokens is 250 000 000 DSCPL. The tokens will be unlocked in equal portions each quarter for two years.

Here is the token release schedule:
1 October 2021: 31 250 000 DSCPL, Token lock contract: 0x8B962d14F71e5429b6a1e9504D21c5c6C9BF132a

1 January 2022: 31 250 000 DSCPL, Token lock contract: 0xe7bc94C51b0d25408aCCe508340A3F27Fc90469d

1 April 2022: 31 250 000 DSCPL, Token lock contract: 0xdcABb6AEF0Ae8bE25321f6F0F378769A91998B9f

1 July 2022: 31 250 000 DSCPL, Token lock contract: 0x62D3B37f39A5c406F18d59721cE90f0A9108Ef26

1 October 2022: 31 250 000 DSCPL, Token lock contract: 0x6D813b4A878c3DceeE6818541B176428DFDb2c51

1 January 2023: 31 250 000 DSCPL, Token lock contract: 0x69bffB59Fd9f2f74f858778150e38FfB060C9199

1 April 2023: 31 250 000 DSCPL, Token lock contract: 0xeD81B91B45B7ADae8e679dba0d81B89E01bb7A0f

1 July 2023: 31 250 000 DSCPL, Token lock contract: 0x2329ddDCbe92a9cd7aBd37325783D68f07aAf86

To lock tokens, DISCIPLINA Foundation used the standard timelock contract that could be found on the OpenZeppelin platform: https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts/blob/master/contracts/token/ERC20/utils/TokenTimelock.sol

Last but not the least, DISCIPLINA Foundation also prepared the special DSCPL emergency fund. If needed, tokens from that fund would be used to maintain activities on DEXs, our Gate at disciplina.io and to cover unexpected losses. All the decisions regarding the token distribution from the emergency fund would be taken in accordance with the community votes. For that, DISCIPLINA Foundation is going to implement a special governance token.

You are welcome to track the emergency fund address:
DSCPL bep-20: https://bscscan.com/address/0x063B044A595238bC958ddB4b0BAA6d2c885bF3A3

DSCPL erc-20: https://etherscan.io/address/0x063B044A595238bC958ddB4b0BAA6d2c885bF3A3

Stay tuned to get more details!




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