DISCIPLINA IDO on the POOLZ platform!

Together with the largest Poolz platform, we invite all interested users to participate in our IDO. Thanks to the listing, everyone is able to become an early owner of DSCPL coins. Participation in IDO gives a wide range of both technical and user benefits: the opportunity to get a bigger stake and become a network validator on more favorable terms, the most attractive trading opportunities, and the opportunity to become one of the first DISCIPLINA Mainnet network users!

We welcome all the early-stage users.

The starting date of our IDO is April 23, the number of DSCPL and participants is limited!

To become a member, you only need to be added to the whitelist, Poolz token holders get additional places in the whitelist.

We will also announce the opening of the whitelist.

We are delighted to have Poolz as our partner. Playcent, HAPI, and L. A. B. S. have placed their IDOs on this platform.The platform allows everyone to speed up the process of communication between investors and project owners, in this particular case for DISCIPLINA.

Next week, we will tell you more about all the benefits of working with Poolz, but in the meantime, subscribe to us in social media to make sure you don’t miss important news.

DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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