The DISCIPLINA founder Ilya Nikiforov participated in APYS Talks.

🔺Talking with the Chief Marketing Officer at APYSwap Foundation, Dmytro Semonov, Ilya told about how he came up with the idea to create DISCIPLINA and spoke about his background.

🔹Ilya also recollected the current problems of the education and recruiting market, difficulties young specialists face when finding a job, and modern views on education’s function that have changed a lot lately.

💙Then Ilya spoke about the work of the DISCIPLINA platform, describing how the platform aggregates data, who act as validators, how personalization is reached, and how information is sold on the blockchain.

They also discussed the impact of the pandemic and how DISCIPLINA has settled into the new realities.

At the end of the interview, Ilya spoke about the LP program with APYSwap.

💚Watch the full video on APYSwap Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/RcmC_zZVku0