šŸ’„DISCIPLINA starts the revolutionšŸ’„

Education and recruiting will never be the same. The world has recognized the need for personalized information and an approach to solve educational and recruiting issues.

There are no borders anymore, and people face a big world full of opportunities, knowledge, and impressions. We don't waste time on the road, and money on paper, textbooks, and other office supply anymore. Instead, we spend time and money on education - continuous, high quality, and efficientšŸ“ˆ.

šŸ’»These all became possible due to technologies.

Now the ball is in blockchain, a reliable, safe, and available data storage. Thus, DISCIPLINA begins the revolution in education and recruiting. Our platform is the first blockchain for education and recruiting with functionality relevant to todayā€™s market.šŸ”„

Watch the revolution with DISCIPLINA.