May 27, 2021

1 min read

DISCIPLINA unique technology

DISCIPLINA is a unique platform in the education and recruiting market.

We have created a DOMAIN SPECIFIC blockchain that allows keeping a single register of a person’s skills and educational performance to generate his score. We bring students, educational institutions, and recruiters together on one platform.

Since the platform stores people’s data, we aimed to ensure that the platform is secure and the data is immutable. Moreover, we have to provide the safety and privacy of personal data. Thus, we have designed an architecture that consists of private and public parts.

Another thing that makes the platform unique is the fact that the fees that are paid by recruiters are distributed between educational institutions for the data provided. In this way, we motivate them to replenish the database and to provide reliable information. Thus, educational institutions offer recruiters high-quality verified profiles of prosperous potential candidates.

We help students to get an affordable and continuous education and find a dream job. At the same time, the platform allows earning not only to market participants but also investors, traders and minters.

Join DISCIPLINA and modify the education and recruiting market already now.