As you know, DSCPL token is actively traded on Uniswap and Pancakeswap platforms. There are more and more DSCPL holders, the community is growing.

We decided to talk about how we will maintain the stability of the token and provide convenient, enjoyable, and profitable participation for each user in the DISCIPLINA community.

Mid-June 2021:
💹Execution of activity promotion plan: We don`t stand still; we constantly explore new opportunities to develop our project and its convenience for users. We implement various activities in this direction.

💹Integration DSCPL decentralized activities based on DeFi mechanics. Everyone already knows what the DeFi is. There are many mechanics that increase the community commitment and the token value. We will launch such mechanics at DISCIPLINA very soon. Follow our news.

End of June 2021:
💹Start of LP-reward program for DEX users. We are developing a revolutionary LP-program to reward active DISCIPLINA community members. We believe that many holders will take part in it in mid-June. We will tell you the details later, follow our news.

3rd and 4th quarter 2021:
💹Trading activity maintenance: Buy & win competitions, Hold & win competitions, deposit bonuses, trading lotteries, social media sharing campaigns - after listing, we will hold several events and contests, which will boost the activity on the exchange.

We hope we have pleased you with great news.
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