Examples of blockchain technology application in HR

We want to talk about several projects that offer tools for job search and candidates based on blockchain platforms.

The platform offers to find a dream job. The candidate creates a profile with reliable information about his skills and specifies his preferences regarding the work. The platform selects suitable job offers. In addition, the platform rewards users with tokens for inviting friends or receiving an invitation to an interview.

The service offers pre-employment candidates verification. First, the recruiter requests the candidate for verification, which occurs directly on the APPII platform. The platform is integrated with several data providers; thus, check happens fast and efficient.

The platform uses artificial intelligence and blockchain to help experienced job seekers and successful companies to meet. The platform receives payment from the employer for the found candidate, part of it is paid to the candidate.

DISCIPLINA suggests a revolutionary solution to the market because it brings together three closely related user groups on its platform: educational institutions, students/applicants, and recruiters.

DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.