🛡How Disciplina establish your safety🛡

We provide the security of your data and funds in many different ways.

🔐Rock’n’Block, Quantstamp, CryptoSec have audited our smart contracts. According to the results of audits, smart contracts turned out to be of a high degree of reliability. That means your funds are protected.

We also cooperate with Lumi, one of the most secure non-custodial wallets we recommend for DSCPL tokens storage, and HAPI, which provides cybersecurity and protects against cyberattacks.

💻To make sure that you don`t become victims of scammers, we track fake accounts and tokens and regularly share the latest official resources.

We protect the reputation of the DISCIPLINA project and don`t allow it to be littered with negative user experiences.

As long as you are with DISCIPLINA, you are secure.💪🚀