How DISCIPLINA will change the education sphere

3 min readMar 29, 2021

Education affects our lives and our professional and personal development. However, it is complicated to find an educational institution that provides high-quality services. That is why we either have to rely on online reviews or choose by trial and error. Sometimes you even have to do both, since the reviews can be easily falsified.

Moreover, if 20 years ago a person that obtained a degree was considered a specialist with all the required skills, nowadays this is not the case. We have gotten used to the idea that a diploma is just a bullet point in our CVs that is meant to help our career. What is more important is to have necessary competencies, as you can survive without having a diploma. Thus, people prefer to develop their skills either practically or by taking intensive courses rather than by putting significant time and effort into studying at university. Sometimes people consider buying a diploma to be easier than getting it themselves and gaining experience to later become a decent specialist.

Keeping up with times nowadays is important as never before. However, only a few of us take education into consideration after getting a job. Perhaps, people don’t even realise that with time their skills can become outdated, and they can be replaced by a more competent employee.

It is essential to stay up to date with the latest updates in your field of expertise, monitor the latest developments and continue learning throughout your life.

We believe that the education sphere requires blockchain, as it will ensure the verifiability of the stored data and make the educational results reliable and trustworthy.

Blockchain will allow storing data securely and simplifying cooperation between the education sphere participants. That is why we are developing the DISCIPLINA blockchain.

The issue of the fragmented data will be resolved, as the data will be digitalized and stored in the blockchain network. Thus, there will be no need to worry about the loss of paper documents that confirm your credentials.

DISCIPLINA will help store the information on personal achievements in a digital form, and it will be possible to access it through the unified platform. This technology will also guarantee the permanence and reliability of the stored data.

Students will be able to trust the educational institutions they choose by relying on the system of ratings and reviews and also establish a career goal that will help them develop an optimized educational path.

The blockchain will also give students and educational institutions the opportunity to monetize the data they store by providing the DISCIPLINA team with access to it. This data will later provide the basis for various research in the field of education.

Blockchain is the technology of the future that can make quality changes in many spheres of our life. However, we believe that the field of education will benefit from it the most.







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