How to build your business experience in digital🔉

Digitalization facilitates, accelerates, and makes the processes in a company cheaper. Exceptional conditions arose a year ago when due to the pandemics and quarantine, many companies were forced to switch from an offline format to an online one. What is worth paying attention to? What are the trends and opportunities for successful business digitalization?

Virtual Office

Remote communication requires applications such as the Citrix and VMware virtual environment, virtual private networks (VPNs), enterprise collaboration platforms, and conference tools such as Zoom. The key factor is providing high-speed Internet, and a team can work from anywhere in the world.

Sales Digitalization

The two most demanded products are apps for buying groceries and other goods and contactless delivery. If a company operates in the B2C market, then its future is inconceivable without these options.

Online training

It is not just about schools and universities, but also about the advanced training courses company can send its employees to. Anywhere, anytime, any opportunities.👨‍💻

Digital marketing

Offline conferences, exhibitions, and other events were replaced by communication with customers in social networks and other Internet tools. It became vital to update a website, attract influencers, and communicate with an audience from all around the globe.🌍

The major tendency is the significance of data. For proper analysis, large arrays are required. It is crucial to have a reliable place to store them. The DISCIPLINA platform is here to handle it; since we not only develop the education and recruitment field, but we offer our own open-source blockchain for creating applications for data storing and processing. Moreover, a convenient search algorithm for job seekers on the platform will help you find the very best specialist from any country with relevant skills and proficiency. In addition to that, it became easy to choose courses to improve the skills of your employees, as we rate educational institutions so that you do not bear the risks of choosing an irrelevant education.

DISCIPLINA is an indispensable tool for the successful digitalization of your business.✨





DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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