How to convert ETH to DSCPL


Uniswap Tutorial
Uniswap 使用教程

This guide is available to read in English and Chinese languages.
1. Go to

! Check the contract address twice !
! 再次检查合同地址 !

2. Enter the amount of DSCPL you want to get, or amount of ETH you want to spend. And click to Swap button:
输入您想要获得的DSCPL数量或您想要花费的ETH数量。然后点击“交换” 按钮:



3. Uniswap calculates all the numbers automatically. Check your numbers and click on Confirm Swap button:

4. After your click Confirm on the previous step, Uniswap push the transaction through MetaMask into the network. MetaMask would ask you to Confirm transaction. Please do it:

Please check that the amount of the gas fee corresponds to the convenient confirmation time for your transaction.

5. After the confirmation, transaction would be submitted and you would see it in the MetaMask queue:

6. Transaction was submitted. You can see it on Etherscan.

If you want to see your tokens in the MetaMask app, please click to “Add DSCPL to Metamask”
如果您想在MetaMask应用程序中查看代币,请点击 “将DSCPL添加到Metamask”

7. After transaction will get several confirmations in the blockchain, you could check your balances and transaction details on Etherscan.

Congratulations! You’ve just made an awesome convertion!

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