Do you remember that we shared our plans for the DSCPL token support? We mentioned an LP-reward program.

Quite soon, we are launching a reward program, which will be available to all DSCPL token holders. To implement a profitable program for all participants, the DISCIPLINA Foundation establishes a separate reward fund. All the programm dividends will distribute among all participants from that fund.

The procedure is simple: everyone can get LP tokens on Pancakeswap and stake them on a special contract. Each round lasts for 14 days. By the end of each round, all participants would be awarded automatically. The reward will depend on the duration of participation in the program and the volume of user’s stake. All users will get the opportunity to withdraw their dividends and continue participating in the LP-reward program for the next round. The dividends and the fund are held in USDT.

Hence, longer users maintain their stakes, higher dividends they receive monthly!

Keep an eye on our updates. In the coming days, we will announce more detailed rules of participation and the starting date!