📢Market research: new overview of 2021

The year 2021 is coming to an end, so let’s recall this year’s trends.

📕Bite-size learning

It’s up to a student to pick the pace and rhythm of the educational process one finds the most comfortable. The learning process is divided into stages since the information is better learned and remembered in this way.


The learning process is personalized and adapted for each student. It motivates and encourages students to study well.

📘Education for non-beginners

Both beginners and those practicing specialists willing to improve their knowledge can find appropriate courses.

📙Soft skills

Employers pay more attention to a person’s soft skills rather than hard skills. The educational system focuses on soft skills improvement.

📖Evidence-based education

Teachers rely on the latest researches on education and student learning.

Blockchain is a trend as it enables us to get beyond the boundaries and discover the whole world.

DISCIPLINA — get beyond the boundaries and expand your opportunities.🚀



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