Jun 21, 2021

2 min read

Methods for searching for an employee in the company📢

We will talk about searching for employees and tell you how to find a suitable staff member for an open position.

🔹Linear recruitment helps to pick an employee among job seekers - people who are looking for a job. It is a classic method when an employer posts information about a vacancy wherever he considers it necessary, gets responses, interviews job seekers, evaluates them, and decides who will be employed.👌

🔹Screening is filtering candidates based on formal criteria. Screening is not an independent procedure but the initial choice while inappropriate candidates drop out.

🔹Executive search is a more complicated and expensive method, whereas the search area includes not only job seekers but also those who work in other companies and don`t plan to leave. Executive search is used to supply spot vacancies; this is how they usually look for employees for managerial positions and narrow-profile specialists lacking in the labor market.

🔹Headhunting. It is a particular case of the executive search method when an employer tries to poach a specialist.

🔹Preliminaring is a method of searching for employees among students, university graduates, students of various courses. It is a forward-looking search. Employers attract beginners through undergraduate practice, company excursions, open lectures, contests, and internships.

The DISCIPLINA platform allows using several methods of employee search: recruiting, screening, and preliminaring. A convenient search algorithm will help find the matching candidate, while data on a person's academic achievements will help find junior staff.💥

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