📢Monthly report

2 min readAug 31, 2021


This month was full of events for the DISCIPLINA project. So here we report on the work done in August, sum up our achievements, and recall the main things.

🔥DISCIPLINA app launch
We launched most of our apps! From now, Faucet, Block explorer, Educator App, Validator are available now.

Users can create their DISCIPLINA wallet and claim test coins

💎Block explorer
All the transactions could be tracked in the DISCIPLINA Block explorer

💎Educator App
An application for education institutions to sign up and upload data of students.

An app that lets users to verify their CVs.
For more details, read the article: https://dscpl.medium.com/welcome-to-the-disciplina-application-82f1833939e5

💥LP-reward program
We ran 3 epochs of the LP-reward program, each lasted 14 days. The prize fund of the first epoch reached 10 000 USDT, for the second and third - 20,000 USDT each.

🔶Here is the first epoch summary:

🔶The second epoch summary:

🔶The third epoch is about to end, we will come up with a summary and make an announcement upon completion, so stay tuned and don’t miss the news.
Our community’s engagement and participation in the DISCIPLINA project incredibly inspires us, and we are so grateful for such an activity.

So, together with APYSwap, we have prepared another special LP-reward program for you. We will tell more details on it later in our news on social media and so far, you are welcome to learn more about our partnership with APYSwap. Read on.

🤝Partnership with APYSwap
We started active cooperation with APYSwap, the company offering cross-chain solutions.
Together, we will carry out several really fabulous and profitable activities for our users🚀

💎АМА session💎
We held an AMA session with the project`s CEO, Ilya Nikiforov. As usual, the community was active and asked a lot of questions about the project.

📣You are welcome to ask any question in our chat: https://t.me/disciplinaofficial 
Stay tuned and follow our updates!




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