📢Monthly report

Friends! Autumn is over, so we are here to report about the main events and updates in the DISCIPLINA project we carried out this November.

💥A new epoch of the LP-reward program

We launched another epoch of the LP program for our community.

The rules are the same as before, and the prize fund is 10000 USDT.

🔷To participate, click the link: https://farming.disciplina.io/

🔷Read the tutorial on how to participate:


💥Big updates

We are preparing incredible updates for DISCIPLINA regarding technical and business development of the project in a new concept — education at METAVERSE.

You will be the first to know, so subscribe and stay tuned for our updates.

💥Market research: new overview of 2021

📙Bite-size learning

It’s up to a student to pick the pace and rhythm of the educational process one finds the most comfortable. The learning process is divided into stages since the information is better learned and remembered in this way.


The learning process is personalized and adapted for each student. It motivates and encourages students to study well.

📗Education for non-beginners

Both beginners and those practicing specialists willing to improve their knowledge can find appropriate courses.

📔Soft skills

Employers pay more attention to a person’s soft skills rather than hard skills. The educational system focuses on soft skills improvement.

📕Evidence-based education

Teachers rely on the latest researches on education and student learning.

💥Crypto and DeFi tendencies for 2022

The DeFi market’s TVL is $107,24 billion. The market shows tremendous growth compared to the previous couple of years, and this trend will continue.

Platforms offering yield farming Aave, Compound, Uniswap, and others have been the top sites in terms of volume and popularity lately.

🔝Among blockchains, Ethereum is still at the top, despite the low transaction speed and high fees. However, new players are breaking into the market, and many projects are built on Polygon, HECO, Polkadot blockchains. That means the share of projects on Ethereum may decrease shortly.

As for investing, analysts recommend diversifying your portfolios and paying attention to altcoins, which surpass Bitcoin in capitalization.

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DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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