Dear community! 
Here we report on the work done in July, sum up our achievements, and provide statistics.

Two the main events of July - AMA session and the launch of the first epoch of the LP-reward program.

💥AMA session
We discussed the following: DSCPL LP-reward program, the soon launch of new applications on top of the DISCIPLINA Blockchain, and announced the development of a mobile app DISCIPLINA. DSCPL-USDT rate boosted up to + 50% during the AMA session.

💥LP-reward program

The reward fund for the first epoch is 10 000 USDT! Each epoch lasts 14 days, all the rewards would be automatically distributed after each 14-days epoch. The reward depends on the number of tokens in staking and time spent participating in the program.

A week after the start of the program, those users who participated from the beginning received 370% annual reward or 14% reward per epoch🔥💰

You can join at any time, but keep in mind - the longer you participate, the bigger reward you receive.

🔷Here is a guide on how to participate in the LP-reward program:

💥Community growth statistics

We maintain statistics on our community on social media to watch its growth.

🔺Facebook - 7 383
🔺Instagram - 1 708
🔺Twitter - 4 831
🔺Telegram-channel - 39 700
🔺Telegram-chat - 15 682

The second LP-reward program epoch coming soon as well as many useful updates, so stay with us and follow the news on DISCIPLINA.