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📢Monthly report

Traditionally, we sum up our achievements and recall the main news this month.


Our LP program is ongoing. In September, we ended the fourth epoch and started the fifth.

🟢Summary of the fourth epoch is available on the link:

📅💰The fifth epoch lasts for 21 days, and the reward fund is 20 000 USDT. You can still join it on the link:

A guide on how to participate:

💪🤝АМА session with APYSwap

We held the joint session with our partner APYSwap.

At the session, DISCIPLINA founder Ilya Nikiforov and APYSwap founder Andrey Velikiy talked about their projects and the problems they solved and described the algorithm of the joint LP program in-depth.

💖Watch the session here:

🔷APYS/DSCPL LP program

The first epoch of the joint LP program with APYSwap is over.

The epoch lasted 14 days, and the reward fund was 10 000 USDT.

We have achieved very high results! Average APY was 900%💥💥💥

📍Check the summary in the table:


The DISCIPLINA founder Ilya Nikiforov participated in APYS Talks.

Talking with the Chief Marketing Officer at APYSwap Foundation, Dmytro Semonov, Ilya told about how he came up with the idea to create DISCIPLINA and spoke about his background, the current problems on the market, the project`s work, and the LP program with APYSwap.

💚Watch the full video on APYSwap Youtube channel:

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