Nov 19, 2021

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DISCIPLINA ecosystem

The platform ecosystem hosts several categories of participants who exchange data with one another:

📘academic institutions provide student’ data

📗students offer their data, search for educational institutions and a place of employment

📙recruiters buy students’ data from educational institutions and employ students.

There is a specific category of participants are witnesses. They validate data provided by academic institutions.

Thus, the ecosystem meets the needs of all its participants.🚀

Nearest plans in development

💎We have launched the Alpha version of the platform, where you can test some applications in action. These are Faucet, Block Explorer, Ariadna Wallet, Educator App.

💎We also plan to add an app for students similar to Educator App.

💎We plan to translate the platform’s interface into several languages to make the apps convenient for native speakers of different languages.

Why to choose DSCPL for holding?

Education and recruiting are going through changes. Education requires regular improvement of knowledge, even for experienced and advanced specialists.

🌐Recruiters seek to reduce the costs of searching for applicants while willing to pay for information about advanced specialists.

All these make the DISCIPLINA platform relevant and in-demand. Over time, those trends will take root, the platform will develop, and native platform tokens, which can be used both as a currency within the platform and as an investment asset, will grow too.🚀

We regularly carry out activities to expand our community and increase the project’s liquidity, rewarding participants for their engagement.

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