News of the last week ⚡️ 24-30.06

The unique thing about the DISCIPLINA technology, tokenomics, why employers refuse to hire graduates, projects working on our blockchain - we are taking stock of this week.

🔷 The uniqueness of the DISCIPLINA technology

DISCIPLINA is a unique platform in the education and recruiting market.

We have created a DOMAIN SPECIFIC blockchain that allows keeping a single register of a person’s skills and educational performance to generate his score. We bring students, educational institutions, and recruiters together on one platform.

We have designed an architecture that consists of private and public parts.

The fees that are paid by recruiters are distributed between educational institutions for the data provided.

We help students to get an affordable and continuous education and find a dream job. At the same time, the platform allows earning not only to market participants but also investors, traders and minters.

🔷 Tokenomics insights

DSCPL token is the key to interact with DISCIPLINA blockchain ecosystem.

The DSCPL token makes the blockchain ecosystem easy to run. Users from different countries can quickly pay for services provided to each other without receiving additional documents and paying hefty commissions to banks.

All recruiting market would have a unified currency and conditions.

All the universities would have a chance to equally montise their data.

Viewers, teachers, educational institutions, and minters receive rewards on the platform.

Moreover, all DSCPL holders worldwide would have access to staking, the profit would depend on the total amount staked and the time period.

🔷 Why employers refuse to hire graduates:

Inflated ambitions among young people. Many employers state that graduates requests don’t correspond to their qualification level.

Low qualifications of graduates. Graduates need the employer to train them; along with this, it is possible to find a prepared specialist with skills on job boards. Employers don`t want to teach beginners, so they look for experienced specialists.

Education becomes out-of-date in obtaining it; thus, the graduated student possesses knowledge and skills relevant four years ago.

DISCIPLINA is developed to help students to build a career and get an advanced training plan.

🔷 Partnership – cases of DSCP implementation.


It is the first platform to use the DISCIPLINA blockchain. The service provides structured information, offers reliable reviews and ratings, and has practical built-in functionality. After the DISCIPLINA launch, TeachMePlease would transfer all the information about the graduates to the blockchain.


It is a service for intelligent job search, practice, internships, final qualifying work topics, and recruitment based on semantic analysis of texts. The project allows accumulating, analyzing, and using the digital footprint students form during their studies to start a career. The DISCIPLINA blockchain would optimize the search process and help Studentor to hire efficiently.

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