📣News of the last week

Briefly on the main news last week.
Fourth epoch of LP-reward program started

💥Dear community, DISCIPLINA team started the 4th epoch of DSCPL LP-reward program!
The reward fund for the first epoch is 20 000 USDT!

📌To start participating, visit the https://farming.disciplina.io/ and stake your DSCPL LP-tokens.
📌DISCIPLINA team also prepared a detailed tutorial on how to participate in the program.
That tutorial shows how to get DSCPL LP-tokens, make a deposit and claim the reward.
The tutorial is available in our Medium by the link: https://link.medium.com/VodCqfUkWhb

🚀Monthly report
We have published a monthly report on our Medium. There you can view the LP-reward program summary, read about our partnership with APYSwap, and the AMA session of August.

🚀Top 3 educational programs in distributed ledger technology (DLT)
💥Gilgamesh Platform

It is a knowledge-sharing social platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology and acting as a social network. Productive interactions and engagements on the Gilgamesh platform earn users GIL tokens, for which they can, for example, buy e-books and more.

It is a decentralized platform for educational services and courses running on the blockchain. It helps students and educators find each other, receive and give knowledge. The platform also includes students scoring and Odem token that serves to pay for courses and more.

This platform meets the needs of both the education and the recruiting market. All users’ data is protected from falsification, changes, and leakage. The scoring system helps find a relevant educational institution or courses and even a suitable employee your company requires.

🚀And here comes the results of the LP-reward program third epoch.
As promised, we have drawn the summary of the last epoch of our LP-reward program.
🔹Check it out on the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OGQrIqOtETWJT5Reiba4PqVuxKstIPoBZZSAqMaF4WI/edit#gid=1201485550
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