📢News of the Week

Nov 25, 2022

Behind on news? DISCIPLINA got you!

💠Monday Motivation

Life is like a game of chess. To win – you have to make a move! Let’s get movin’ through the chessboard with new-found power! #MondayMotivation

💠How Institutions & Universities Spread Crypto Education

Popular examples of universities taking care of crypto education include the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and MIT. Indeed, crypto education should be accessible to everyone interested in it from an early age, and universities are starting to hop on board!

💠How Lack of Crypto Education Prevents Mass Adoption

The key to mass-scale crypto adoption is, without a doubt, education. Think about it, what else is stopping crypto adoption a whole 15 years after it was created? What is the way to speed the process up? Of course, to make financial literacy for crypto assets and blockchain education more accessible!




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