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This week we announced the Giveaway Program, talked about the benefits of tokenization, checked out the world cases of educational services, and spoke about the importance of technology in education using the TeachMePlease project as an example. So now let's sum up.

Giveaway Program

DISCIPLINA team announces one more incredible activity for all DSCPL holders. The new weekly award program is aimed at the support of our current loyal community and DSCPL token.

📣It is very simple to onboard and to take part in the new program.

1. To participate, a user needs to hold his DSCPL tokens without any movement on his BSC wallet for 1 week.
2. Wallet balance should be equaled or more than 30 000 DSCPL.
3. Each week three luckiest out of all participants would be chosen by a random draw.
4. The reward fund would be announced before the start of the program.

To get DSCPL BEP-20 you may use:

🔹Xtheta Global:

🔥Advantages of tokenization

DSCPL is a means of payment in applications running on the DISCIPLINA blockchain.
What are the advantages of tokenization, and why do we tokenize?

  • It is the convenient and easiest way for students to pay for the services of an educational institution or teacher, bypassing banks.
  • Smart contracts ensure secure transactions regardless of external factors.
  • Minters receive rewards in DSCPL tokens proportionally to the volume of DSCPL tokens on their balance.
  • The technical pool of tokens structure ensures the decentralization of the DISCIPLINA platform.

World cases of educational services

📚Apollo Education Group
This project was developed for students who want to combine career and education. It offers education by a flexible program.
This platform offers online courses in business, marketing, design, IT, and other areas. Users have access to classes 24/7, eTutor support, and receive a certificate upon graduation.
📚Blockchain Education Network
It is a non-profit organization that contributes to blockchain implementation in education.

Technology and education

TeachMePlease is the first project to run on the DISCIPLINA blockchain.

TeachMePlease provides teachers with the tools to create educational content and a quick and easy way to learn for students. Students can choose educational institutions according to ratings and personal needs for education and professional growth. Education has become individual since everyone has a different pace of learning and different needs and goals.

The integration of education with the labor market was truly revolutionary.

DISCIPLINA helped implement all the functionality due to unique blockchain architecture, making education efficient and meeting the demands of our time.




DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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