Let's sum up the week and recall the main news briefly.

📌DISCIPLINA road map - status quo and updates
🚀Here is what we have done within the DISCIPLINA project:

  • Launched Alpha version of the platform with two applications available - Faucet and Block Explorer
  • Carried out DSCPL token listing on exchanges
  • Launched the LP-reward program

🚀Here is what we plan to achieve shortly:

  • To launch other applications of the Alpha version of the platform: Ariadne wallet, Student App, Educator App
  • release a DISCIPLINA mobile application

📌TeachMePlease - main services and features
TeachMePlease is the first project running on the DISCIPLINA blockchain. 
TeachMePlease provides the following opportunities for students:
📔search for international educational programs.
📕the opportunity to study online from anywhere in the world
📓verification of educational organizations and the relevance of their curricula and teaching staff
📗a complete description of the educational institution and courses they offer
📒online support at all stages of interaction with the service
📘processing of user payment data takes place on the page of the processing system; it means all payments are protected
📙the convenient search algorithm for an educational institution and curriculum
📕personal account

Here are the opportunities for educational institutions:
🔶free placing
🔷unlimited placing for video courses
🔶payment widget
🔷sales statistics
🔶online payment for education

📌DSCPL token
DSCPL token is the main means of payment within applications running on the DISCIPLINA blockchain, and besides, it is a profitable investment option with an attractive reward fund.
The token is also used to reward witnesses who check the validity of the segments within the private blockchains of educational institutions.
Any DSCPL token holder can participate in the LP-reward program - stake LP tokens and receive rewards in USDT.
Check out this article for the links on the exchanges where you can buy DSCPL tokens: https://dscpl.medium.com/where-dscpl-token-is-listed-51130514e6ca

📌LP-reward program - results

The first epoch of the LP-reward program has finished recently, so let's sum it up.
All DSCPL token holders can participate in the program. Click the link below to start participating: https://farming.disciplina.io/ 
The rewards are received in USDT. The reward fund of the first epoch reached 10,000 USDT, and it lasted 14 days.
According to the results of the first week of the first epoch, those users who participate from the beginning receive a 370% annual reward or 14% reward per epoch.
A guide on how to participate in the LP-reward program: https://link.medium.com/VodCqfUkWhb

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