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This week we talked about the features of online education and recruiting and shared the breaking news of the DISCIPLINA project - let`s recall how it was briefly

New technologies on online-education market
The main trend is content personalization. The educational system believes each student is individual and adjusts to each student’s needs. The student accesses those areas of knowledge that really interest him, not a common standard of the educational system. 📚
The student is not a passive listener but an active participant in the educational process. He has many tools for communication with the teacher and other students.
Education becomes continuous because users are in touch 24/7 and are ready to share content at any time, as well as the high level of online education and its availability.
Online education has a problem: students find it hard to discipline and set themselves for the learning process. For this reason, we use gamification to increase student involvement into studying process.
Benefits of online education and recruiting
🔹Flexible schedule
🔹Free access
🔹Saving time, money and other resources
The main advantage of online education is that students are more likely to get the desired job because online education could be more personalized than offline educational institutions📚.

Online education is closer to reality and the relevant requirements of employers. It adjusts to changes in the environment and employers' demands more quickly than traditional institutions.

DISCIPLINA TEAM locks their tokens
DISCIPLINA Foundation has locked their DSCPL tokens on a unique timelock contract that prevents token circulation. Among the locked DSCPL, there are all the tokens of project founders, tokens of the team, and tokens that form the funds for the future development of our project.
The tokens will be unlocked in equal portions each quarter during two years.

Last but not the least, the DISCIPLINA Foundation has also burned all their original Ethereum DSCP tokens, and now there is only one token directly representing our platform - DSCPL.

LP-reward program
Quite soon, we are launching a reward program, which will be available to all DSCPL token holders. To implement a profitable program for all participants, the DISCIPLINA Foundation establishes a separate reward fund. All the programm dividends will distribute among all participants from that fund.

The procedure is simple: everyone can get LP tokens on Pancakeswap and stake them on a special contract. Each round lasts for 30 days. By the end of each round, all participants would be awarded automatically. The reward will depend on the duration of participation in the program and the volume of user’s stake. All users will get the opportunity to withdraw their dividends and continue participating in the LP-reward program for the next round. The dividends and the fund are held in USDT.
Hence, longer users maintain their stakes, higher dividends they receive monthly!

DSCPL listing on exchanges
Following lengthy negotiations, the DISCIPLINA Team agreed with the largest centralized exchange BHEX (, which has a daily trading volume of $126.52 million.
Moreover, DSCPL was also listed on Xthetha ( exchange to provide more users with an opportunity to trade with DSCPL.

Now you can buy DSCPL and take part in a variety of trading competitions and activities not only on DEX but also on the BHEX and Xtheta exchanges.
We strive for long-term project success and fulfill all planned activities!




DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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