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3 min readJun 12, 2021

We prepared the answers for the most frequent and interesting questions on DISCIPLINA, talked about partners and the Alpha version of the platform, shared interesting HR projects based on blockchain technologies - let’s sum up.

DISCIPLINA is the first blockchain for education and recruiting; it stores the entire track of a person’s academical achievements in a verified form. That guarantees data reliability, immutability, and security. At the same time DISCIPLINA provides recruiters with an opportunity to find a perfect candidate and educational institutions with an option to monetise their data.

🔷️What problems does DISCIPLINA solve?
It allows educational institutions to store student data in a single format and disclose it to recruiters. As the data is verified, recruiters have an opportunity to receive legit person’s profiles and information.
Students can choose educational institutions based on ratings, build an academic and career plan for getting a desired position, store their academical track, and issues a verified CV.
Recruiters can find the perfect match candidate for the position due to an intelligent search algorithms and candidates rankings.

🔷️What is DSCPL?
DSCPL tokens would be used on DISCIPLINA platform to get an access to the data. It also should be noted that DISCIPLINA blockchain is based on PoS-consensus algorithm. Thus, after the mainnet launch, the token would be used for staking to maintain the network.
To date, there are two official sites to buy DSCPL tokens:

🔷️Who can use DISCIPLINA?
Educational institutions, students, and recruiters can use DISCIPLINA. Moreover, anybody who wishes to maintain the network is always welcome to stake their coins.

To ensure the convenient and safe operation of the platform, Disciplina cooperates with different companies, as well as with educational platforms: Lumi, Studentor, Rock’n’Block, APYSwap, HAPI, and others.

Alpha version of the platform
Recently we launched the Alpha-version of DISCIPLINA platform.
Two applications run on it: BLOCK EXPLORER and Faucet.

Here you can monitor the network and track all activities in real-time.
Here you can generate a test wallet and claim test DSCPL tokens through this application.

Applications that are not running yet:
DISCIPLINA wallet with a graphical interface for usual and professional users.
🔹️Student app
It is an application for students to view their learning history, achievements, and download verified CV.
🔹️Educator app
It is an application for educational institutions and teachers, which stores information about courses and curriculum, students, academic achievements, and graduates.

HR-projects running on blockchain technology
•Aworker is a job search platform that automatically selects relevant job offers. In addition, the platform rewards users with tokens for inviting friends or receiving an invitation to an interview.
•APPII is the service that offers pre-employment candidates verification. It is integrated with several data providers.
•Job is the platform that helps experienced job seekers and successful companies meet. The platform receives payment from the employer for the found candidate, part of it is paid to the candidate.

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