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The DSCPL public sale on the Poolz platform, DISCIPLINA's benefits, and the global impact on the education and recruitment market.

A public sale of DSCPL
Last Friday, April 23, 2021, we held the final round of DSCPL token sale on the Poolz platform. It was an impressive success. In just 3 hours, we sold out the allocated amount of tokens - 10,000,000 DSCPL! For those who did not succeed in purchasing DSCPL but still wishes to get tokens, we have prepared the Uniswap listing. The procedure assumes converting ETH to DSCPL on the Uniswap platform via the link:

Advantages of DISCIPLINA

The DISCIPLINA platform has several advantages that distinguish it from other projects in the educational and recruitment field. We work with all interested parties: students, educational institutions, recruiters. At DISCIPLINA, we create an opportunity to interact and exchange data in a unified convenient format. A Blockchain with industrial-level architectural solutions guarantees security, safety, and immutability of data. We reward educational institutions for providing reliable data. It guarantees the replenishment of our database and ensures its trustworthiness.

DISCIPLINA's impact on the education and recruitment market

Our technological solution is provided to solve different market's problems. One of those is a declining level of trust in educational institutions. We make it easier for recruiters to find staff by using a convenient search algorithm for job seekers. We plan to globalize our project, connecting more educational institutions with recruiters. We aim to increase the amount of stored data. Thus, making the platform accessible and convenient for anyone.

We have developed a platform that corresponds to the needs of all market participants. The revolution in education and recruitment is happening right now! We are grateful to all our users for their interest in the project!

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