Let’s sum up what we have achieved this week and briefly recall the main news.

APYSwap Foundation

🔶The company combines DeFi services and blockchains, creating a crypto ecosystem.

🔶The company issues its APYS token, available on Pancakeswap and other exchanges. Its market cap is $17,626,400.

🔶Thanks to APYSwap, the DISCIPLINA platform would become available to all users of the crypto ecosystem.

LP program together with APYSwap

Soon we will hold an LP program together with our partner APYSwap!

The program will last for 14 days with the reward fund in USDT.

To participare in the program, you should have DSCPL and APYS tokens.

We are now developing a separate website for this program to make your participation convenient.

💸We will announce the date of the program start and the size of the rewards a bit later

How to participate in new APYS-DSCPL LP-Reward program?

💎We composed a detailed guide on how and where to buy them. Check it out on our Medium: https://dscpl.medium.com/581956417f4c

APYS token: where and how to buy, helpful links

APYS is the token of our partner — APYSwap. You should purchase this token if you are eager to participate in our joint LP program. So here are the links where you can buy the APYS token.


The token is available on Pancakeswap

The address of smart contract: 0x37dfACfaeDA801437Ff648A1559d73f4C40aAcb7

The link to buy the token: https://bit.ly/38K3gtb

🔺Check out the statistics on APYS token on CoinMarketCap:


APYSwap official social media:

🔶Telegram: https://t.me/apyswapcom

🔶Medium: https://apyswap.medium.com/

🔶Twitter: https://twitter.com/apyswap

🚨🚨АМА session together with APYSwap!🚨🚨

On Monday, September 13, at 3 PM (GMT), we will hold an AMA session together with our partner APYSwap!

DISCIPLINA founder Ilya Nikiforov and APYSwap founder Andriy Velykyy will give a speech.

We will talk about:

  • the partnership of DISCIPLINA and APYSwap
  • joint LP program
  • answer the questions of our community.

We will publish the link on the session just before the event, stay tuned!

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