📢News of the Week

1 min readApr 15, 2022

Missed out on news? Enjoy a recap!

🟦DISCIPLINA Rating System

We at the DISCIPLINA pride ourselves on our reliable system of ratings, feedback and student grades, which have from the very start been at the core of the platform!

🟦Looking to apply DISCIPLINA to your project?

We will be happy to have you! Reach out to us via: hello@disciplina.io

🟦DISCIPLINA’s Technical Token Pool

We at DISCIPLINA strive for real decentralization, which means that each one of you, our DISCIPLINA community, are key decision makers. In order to ensure this, we are looking to form a technical token pool. This will prevent one stakeholder from holding the majority of the stake, and thus reduce their ability to influence the functioning of the entire network.

🟦Get DSCPL-LP Rewards on Pancake Swap!

Looking for passive earnings with the DSCLP token? Consider farming on Pancake Swap: https://dscpl.medium.com/this-tutorial-explains-how-to-participate-in-the-dscpl-lp-farming-program-with-the-usdt-reward-fund-94cd1a7a7ad3




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