To ensure the convenient and safe operation of the platform, Disciplina cooperates with different companies, using their services and products. Thus, it improves the platform. Educational sites are among our partners; they are based on the Disciplina blockchain. Who are our partners?

HAPI is an internal cybersecurity protocol with oracles that prevent hacker attacks.
We collaborate with HAPI to ensure our users’ data and money safety. Disciplina can use a trusted partner`s oracle to work with external data.

APYSWAP is a protocol for cross-chain decentralized exchange of the tokenized repository assets in various networks.
Partnerships with APYSWAP helps Disciplina to create cross-chain solutions, gateways, and smart contracts.

Rock'n'Block is engaged in individual developing and implementing software based on blockchain technology for businesses and startups. Partnership with Rock'n'Block provides Disciplina reliability and safety of deployed smart contracts and additional expertise when making technical and architectural solutions.

Lumi is one of the safest, reliable, and convenient non-custodial crypto wallets in the market. Therefore, DISCIPLINA recommends Lumi as a reliable non-custodial storage solution for DSCPL tokens.

Intelligent search for work, internships, final qualifying work topics, and recruitment based on semantic analysis of texts. It helps students find suitable vacancies, makes it easier for employers to find candidates with appropriate intellectual capital, while educational institutions may pick the company for students’ internships.
We have made reliable partnerships, so the platform is convenient and attractive for users.

DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.