Public layers - who and why📢

We established the DISCIPLINA platform’s architecture in way to ensure the security and confidentiality of users' data. So, there are two layers: private and public.

The public layer allows into open access the data that verifies the integrity of the private chains and the reliability of the data stored by the network. Witnesses are members of the public layer. They don't have access to the data itself, only to the hashes of the data. They check the validity of the segments within the private blockchains of the educational institutions.đź“š

Recruiters and employers either don't have access to data, but they can acquire it. They are offered paid access to data on the academic history and achievements of the students.

The student can wholly or partially deny access to his data to maintain the privacy of his data. Thus, we ensure the security of interests and privacy of all market participants.

We care about the comfort of the DISCIPLINA platform users, so we have developed a secure structure for the platform.đź’Ş