📢Recruiting Trends of 2021

We decided to talk about the main trends in recruiting and the way the DISCIPLINA platform fits them.

📌Switch to remote mode

The remote mode opens a global market to job seekers and recruiters regardless of the place of residence and location of the company.

📌HR strategy development

Only 11% of companies are satisfied with their recruiting strategy. Recruiting moved from “we need an employee urgently” format to a rather well-thought and planned way of search. Here are the recruiting priorities for modern companies:

- improve the quality of employment
- increase employee retention rate
- speed up employment
- increase the high-quality potential candidate flow
- provide diversification of employment

📌Automation and digitalization of recruiting processes

Big variety of of companies use artificial intelligence in their workflow. AI is used to filter candidates, assess their resumes using a neural network, and for initial screening. However, the typical interview is not suitable for the Z generation, so modern recruiting actively introduces gamification.🎮 It shows the candidate's ability to react quickly and make optimum solutions, reveal non-standard thinking, and demonstrate the ability to work in stressful situations. In addition, the use of chatbots in communication with candidates significantly reduces time costs. At the same time, the rate of opened recruiting messages sent to a smartphone or other mobile device is 98%, and by email - only 20%.

🔥Using the DISCIPLINA platform in recruiting reduces the company's time spent on searching for candidates, ensures a high-quality search, eliminates the need for screening candidates since information about candidates is verified, expands the search, and helps ensure diversification of employment.

Recruiting has become boundless due to DISCIPLINA.

DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.